Sunday, August 28, 2011

I hear a whisper of a soft voice gently speaking,Loveth Me,I am He who set You free!Seeketh Me,For I Am He who holds the key for all eternity.Only In Me and through Me shall one enter in;I Am He who gave My atoning blood shed for the sin of this world and for thee.Pay attention My dear child, For the time is short and who shall knoweth when I shall return and come for My beloved sheep.And when I come I shall gather in the herd of My pasture at this time for My keep!I Am the Good shepherd who gave His life for the sheep, And in this set time of harvest,Yes I say, "I will surely reap!"Those who know me and love me, In Me they shall abide;I shall be with them even until the end, as their guide,Their names are forever written in the lambs book of life!

Written inspiration by Care