Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Guarding Your Heart

Today I wanted to talk and share about Guarding your heart,In the light of Jesus.Let us begin with our mind.Keeping your thoughts and focus upon the Lord at all times,This can be done by keeping your mind focused,Envisioning upon Kingdom things and your heavenly treasures which are from above!These are all in which Your Heavenly Father has for you.Amen!Don't loose sight of them,amen!We may also find that through meditation upon God's holy word,We begin to heal in ourselves;Spiritually and Physically.Thank you Jesus!Praise be to God above!The word of God is a light unto our path and a lamp to our feet!Yes Lord!In the word of God you will find every right way and truth; in which we need to walk.I was told by a man once, that the BIBLE stands for basic instruction before leaving this earth, Now that speaks truth!Everything and anything we will ever need we can find in Jesus, the word of God.The word was with God from the very beginning and the word was God.So let us be sober,vigilant and know the word because our adversary the devil is seeking all those he can devour before the great and mighty day of battle!Let us place His word upon our hearts and wear them as a necklace,Amen!Let us get wisdom from God who gives it generously to each man.Let us get into the word of God so none of God's children be deceived by any man.Guard your minds,Let no evil thought come in;Cast it down in the name of Jesus lest it come forth as it was planted.Now let us move to our lips therefore brethren,Our mouths in which the word of God clearly speaks:do not let any evil thing come from them.The man who guard his mouth is very wise!Let your mouth sow good seeds,The seeds of God!Let us speak of encouragement,praise, and truth in that which the word of God gives.Love is to build up and not to tear down!If a brother stumble,correct him in the love by the word of God; Building him up with the most Holy Faith and the truth of God, because you love him.Tearing down just caused discord and revelings amongst you!Be wise and guard your tongue,There is power of life or death within it brethren.Speak wisely!Let us move to the ears,Are you hearing?And if you are hearing, is it really from God?You say how do we know if it is from God?Are you listening for the voice of God,Does it line up with God's word,Is God's Holy Spirit leading you, if He the Holy Spirit is leading you; You would know and have no doubt amen.Confusion is not from the Lord.The author of confusion is that of the Devil.We are now at the place of your heart:Is your heart in the right place?Love the Lord thy God with all thy strength and all thy heart,Love thy neighbor as thyself,with these two commandments you fulfill the whole law of God.Praise You Jesus!Moving now to your hands;Are your hands serving and doing work for the Lord?With our hands let's not be idle in doing good works for the Lord!We should work for the Lord in all we do,amen.All the parts of your body are created to work and function together, just as all parts of God's body are created to work and function together in unity and the plan and purpose of God,amen.So that being said if your hands don't know what to do turn to the ear and listen to what God is telling you!We need each other just as every part of our body needs to be in tune with God!Glory!!!Lets move down to our feet,Are your feet swift to go running into the path of evil?Stay off!Get on board with Jesus!Let you feet move where the Spirit guide-th,Let God be the lamp unto your feet brethren. Now I say put on the full body of Armor!It will keep you safe!You need first the helmet of Salvation:Jesus!Next take the breast plate of Righteousness:Jesus!The shield of faith:Believing in Jesus,Now strap on your belt of truth upon thine loins:Live truthful in Jesus!Take your sword my brethren,The mighty sword of the Lord:The BIBLE,His word and apply it to every circumstance that comes toward thee in your life,for with it you will slay the wiles of the devil,amen.Now my dear brethren, Shod your feet with the preparation of the gospel and go out into My Kingdom and Preach The Good news! JESUS AND THE CROSS,SALVATION

Inspired writing by Carolyn Carroll Jan18,2011

Friday, January 14, 2011

The Journey

My daughter and I decided to go on a little hunting adventure, One glorious morning! We got all geared up, And off we went on our little journey.As we began the hike it was beautiful and pleasant, but I soon grew weary and tired.I turned around and looked back at where we initially began.We had not made it to the half way point yet. I began stopping for many little breaks.As I looked up and then back down again; I thought to myself maybe this is how life was?A journey with many little stops along the way.Out of breath and so weary,I looked once again to the top of that mountain.At this time; I realized,I wanted to make it to the top!I gasped for breath with each and every stride. When I thought I could bare no longer;I stopped,rested and refreshed with a drink.Moving forward again. Each step got heavier and heavier!I was loaded down with several layers of clothing,A gun strapped to my shoulder and several bags:food,drink,ammo and a flash light.Jacalyn began to gaze at me. she had stopped moving. She said mom, Let me take hold of your baggage.I didn't think twice.I stripped off the bags,gun and light and gave them to her.She carried them the rest of the way!O did I say we finally made it to the top!I was relieved!!! With great joy I shouted praise!I was so glad to be at our destination.That is when I saw for the very first time, the hand built hotel in the air.It was beautiful!We climbed up the ladder higher and higher until we came to a door.I opened the door;Peered in, and to my amazement there were two seats.One seat for me and one for Jacalyn.We then entered in and shut the door behind us!We sat down and rested.At this point we knew our journey was complete!I gazed out unto all God's beauty,It was all around us!His beautifully painted skies,large mountains,colorful trees and nature everywhere!We were feeling the greatness of being in-tune with our surroundings.The birds of the air chirping,A hawk soaring in the sky and the squirrels were playing with each other in the trees.We did not see any deer this day, but we did learn something that would stay with us forever! It was that journey.In our Christian walk with the Lord we move forward with each stride.Sometimes we get tired and weary in the beginning-"Refresh" and get a "Drink" from the Lord Jesus!We can Carry excess baggage;"Take His yoke when we are heavy laden,"- Lose the baggage!Trust in Him, We cannot go this journey alone!He shall see you through and sustain you. When you make it to the top,He will open the door!!! Great joy will be yours.Then their will be true unity with Him-Our surrounding- "Creator" and A seat in His Palace!Glory Be to God!

Journey 11/25/2008 Care~