Thursday, September 8, 2011

The coolness of the wind,flows bristling upon her bare skin.

Goose bumps arise,

Leaving her cold and unwise.

And but for a moment;

She shivers,Then shrugging off the cold...

She begins to meditate upon the food which feeds her soul.

The promises of His unfailing love,

Rings true within her heart...

Remembering what He said,

"He would never leave,He would never part." As the comfort of His promise begins to bring back her cover, A warmth springing forth gently,the renewing of her heart.Then there was a great out pouring of His love; A word fitly spoken:


She hears His calling and now becomes wise.

By Care

Sunday, August 28, 2011

I hear a whisper of a soft voice gently speaking,Loveth Me,I am He who set You free!Seeketh Me,For I Am He who holds the key for all eternity.Only In Me and through Me shall one enter in;I Am He who gave My atoning blood shed for the sin of this world and for thee.Pay attention My dear child, For the time is short and who shall knoweth when I shall return and come for My beloved sheep.And when I come I shall gather in the herd of My pasture at this time for My keep!I Am the Good shepherd who gave His life for the sheep, And in this set time of harvest,Yes I say, "I will surely reap!"Those who know me and love me, In Me they shall abide;I shall be with them even until the end, as their guide,Their names are forever written in the lambs book of life!

Written inspiration by Care

Thursday, June 16, 2011

JESUS Your eyes are as doves;

Filled with Glory,Filled with love.

My heart beats ....

"Strong Leaps!!!"

As my eyes bring forth their tears;

I begin to weep.

I rest my head at Your feet,

My King of kings;

My Prince of Peace.

You are the One, I turn to;

The very One, I do cling.

Cover me securely; Beneath Your Mighty wings!

Here I find shelter;

Here I find rest.I am one of Your chicks and just happy to be in Your nest! God Bless.

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Greetings in the name of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ!I wanted to share with you some things the Lord had given to me today,I hope and pray it blesses you;In Jesus name,Amen.Listen To His Word,(Proverbs 2:6) For the Lord gives wisdom;from his mouth come knowledge and understanding.Many people run from place to place to find wisdom.They follow the latest fad always searching,they believe they'll find wisdom just around the next corner.Instead,they find disillusionment.But,there's a book and it contains the word of God.He alone gives wisdom.He's the very author of wisdom.Every word that comes from him gives us wisdom and understanding.We only need to stop long enough to listen.God's Way (Psalm 119:35) Give me understanding,and I shall keep Your law;indeed,I shall observe it with my whole heart.God wants us to understand how to live for him.He doesn't want to keep it a secret from us because he knows what's best for us.God's way protects us from the dangers that can overtake us when we take our own way.He doesn't want us to live like that.So,he helps us grasp his commands.He opens up scripture to us so we can apply it to our life.More than anything else,God wants us to follow him.He'll lead the way if we allow him to.How To Follow (Psalm 103:17-18) But the love of the Lord remains forever with those who fear him.His salvation extends to the children's children of those who obey his commandments.If we follow the Lord,he promises to love us.That doesn't mean that our obedience earns his love.What it means is that our willingness to obey him,we allow him to work through us.We follow him because we recognize that he knows what's best for us.He'll lead us his way,which leads to a better life.Build Others Up (Ephesians 4:29)Do not let any unwholesome talk come out of your mouths,but only what is helpful for building others up according to their needs,that it may benifit those who listen.The more we grow in the Lord,the more he shapes and molds us into his image.This affects every area of our life:our words,our deeds,our character.All these things are out there for other people to see.They see what we do and hear what we say.If they know we're a Christian,they can use our misspoken words against us.But if we follow God,we make sure our words build people up,not tear them down or offend them.What we do and say fits who we are.Lord of All (Ephesians 6:7) Work with entusiasm,as though you are working for the Lord rather than for people.Not everyone hops out of bed,anxious to get to work.For some people,work-any kind of work is drudgery instead of fulfillment.But,we can look at our work in a different light.How would we view our work if God was our boss?Ultimately,we do work for the Lord.If he's Lord of our life,he's Lord over everything,including our work.Therefore,we can get out of bed with anticipation,willingly commit our work to him and work with enthusiasm.My Hope Is You (Psalm 25:5) Show me your ways,O Lord,teach me your paths;guide me in your truth and teach me,for you are God my Savior,and my hope is in you all day long.Too often,we want to figure things out for ourselves.But,God is longing for us to turn to him and ask him to show us the right way to go.If we do,he'll take us down his path.God knows what's best for us.He knows that only His way leads to life.When we humbly follow him,he will guide us to his righteousness.Our humility enables him to teach us his truth.His truth fills us with hope because then God is in control-not us.Let Him Guide (Psalm 37:5) Commit everything you do to the Lord.Trust him,and he will help you.We can trust the Lord with everything we do.And when we commit everything to him,we can know for sure that he'll show us what he wants us to do with our life.He'll steer us into his will.We don't always see things from God's perspective.Sometimes,our point of view gets muddled.But,God helps us see clearly.He points out the path ahead and helps us grow in our relationship to him.It's total dependance on God and yeilding, putting Jesus first in all we do and everything we do,Amen!God Bless.

Monday, April 4, 2011

Sometimes it is hard to go through things,Almost like birthing pains, but when you finally get through it the after effect is Glourious!When we push through, it is like a fine dew upon our hearts, sprinkled in the best of love.A renewing more beautiful than before,Thank you Jesus!Pure and A great love held within its chambers.All this love held within,One day shall be the biggest overflow of His beauty!His love shall be full and over flowing in abundance;His love for us is so pure and great;It flows down from the head unto us and deep within those chambers,Perfecting Godliness and Holiness!For by His great love we are forever changed~

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Guarding Your Heart In The Light Of Jesus

Every day we have one of two choices to make regarding the circumstances of life that surrounds us daily,This choice is how will we respond to the circumstance?Well quite frankly their are only two ways to respond.And one of them is the wrong way!Let us examine the two choices closer,First choice and I say first choice because this is the choice we so often want to make: A negative response.A negative response can only lead us into many deep waters.Let me clarify them,I know in my lifetime I have experienced them and you may have too.Fear,doubt,anxiety,anger,depression,and of course loss of peace.The devil is out to seek kill and destroy you with these circumstances.If you choose a negative response it can only lead you down the path of destruction and into sin.Second choice:Positive response.A positive response allows you to exercise your faith,believe,trust and abide in God, and to the keeping of your peace always praying God's perfect will be done.God's word says, only in faith can you please Him and all things work together for the good of those who love Him.God remains faithful!Let us stand on His word and promises and exercise our faith throughout every circumstance in life.We are made whole in Jesus,He already has the answers to all we will ever need!We just need to trust and abide in Him and stay on the narrow road which leads to life, Believing and trusting in Jesus Christ.Are you in a relationship with Jesus yet?If not it is not to late.Just say Lord, I want you to be the Lord over my life.Lord,I take You as my Lord and Savior and into my heart this day and I thank you Jesus for your love for me on the cross.In Jesus name I pray amen.Lord I Carolyn pray for those that just took You as Lord and Savior and into their hearts that You would bless them and keep them on the narrow road in You,In Jesus name I pray amen.

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Guarding Your Heart

Today I wanted to talk and share about Guarding your heart,In the light of Jesus.Let us begin with our mind.Keeping your thoughts and focus upon the Lord at all times,This can be done by keeping your mind focused,Envisioning upon Kingdom things and your heavenly treasures which are from above!These are all in which Your Heavenly Father has for you.Amen!Don't loose sight of them,amen!We may also find that through meditation upon God's holy word,We begin to heal in ourselves;Spiritually and Physically.Thank you Jesus!Praise be to God above!The word of God is a light unto our path and a lamp to our feet!Yes Lord!In the word of God you will find every right way and truth; in which we need to walk.I was told by a man once, that the BIBLE stands for basic instruction before leaving this earth, Now that speaks truth!Everything and anything we will ever need we can find in Jesus, the word of God.The word was with God from the very beginning and the word was God.So let us be sober,vigilant and know the word because our adversary the devil is seeking all those he can devour before the great and mighty day of battle!Let us place His word upon our hearts and wear them as a necklace,Amen!Let us get wisdom from God who gives it generously to each man.Let us get into the word of God so none of God's children be deceived by any man.Guard your minds,Let no evil thought come in;Cast it down in the name of Jesus lest it come forth as it was planted.Now let us move to our lips therefore brethren,Our mouths in which the word of God clearly speaks:do not let any evil thing come from them.The man who guard his mouth is very wise!Let your mouth sow good seeds,The seeds of God!Let us speak of encouragement,praise, and truth in that which the word of God gives.Love is to build up and not to tear down!If a brother stumble,correct him in the love by the word of God; Building him up with the most Holy Faith and the truth of God, because you love him.Tearing down just caused discord and revelings amongst you!Be wise and guard your tongue,There is power of life or death within it brethren.Speak wisely!Let us move to the ears,Are you hearing?And if you are hearing, is it really from God?You say how do we know if it is from God?Are you listening for the voice of God,Does it line up with God's word,Is God's Holy Spirit leading you, if He the Holy Spirit is leading you; You would know and have no doubt amen.Confusion is not from the Lord.The author of confusion is that of the Devil.We are now at the place of your heart:Is your heart in the right place?Love the Lord thy God with all thy strength and all thy heart,Love thy neighbor as thyself,with these two commandments you fulfill the whole law of God.Praise You Jesus!Moving now to your hands;Are your hands serving and doing work for the Lord?With our hands let's not be idle in doing good works for the Lord!We should work for the Lord in all we do,amen.All the parts of your body are created to work and function together, just as all parts of God's body are created to work and function together in unity and the plan and purpose of God,amen.So that being said if your hands don't know what to do turn to the ear and listen to what God is telling you!We need each other just as every part of our body needs to be in tune with God!Glory!!!Lets move down to our feet,Are your feet swift to go running into the path of evil?Stay off!Get on board with Jesus!Let you feet move where the Spirit guide-th,Let God be the lamp unto your feet brethren. Now I say put on the full body of Armor!It will keep you safe!You need first the helmet of Salvation:Jesus!Next take the breast plate of Righteousness:Jesus!The shield of faith:Believing in Jesus,Now strap on your belt of truth upon thine loins:Live truthful in Jesus!Take your sword my brethren,The mighty sword of the Lord:The BIBLE,His word and apply it to every circumstance that comes toward thee in your life,for with it you will slay the wiles of the devil,amen.Now my dear brethren, Shod your feet with the preparation of the gospel and go out into My Kingdom and Preach The Good news! JESUS AND THE CROSS,SALVATION

Inspired writing by Carolyn Carroll Jan18,2011