Monday, August 23, 2010

Words of faith;Claim and receive in Jesus name!This not only applies to me but also unto you:For He is Lord of all, whom will Receive His blessings!I was inspired as I give this word,Thank you Jesus! I am more than a conquer in Christ Jesus!When I am week,He is strong.He loves me,I am beautiful and wonderfully made.I am blessed-We are all these things in Christ Jesus!He blesses my comings and my goings.I am highly favored,anointed and Heir to My Lord and Savior,For He is my King of Kings!My children find favor in all they do;because my Lord, whom loves me-loves them too!I am made perfect in Him.He has given me every good gift!I make my boast in the Lord,My Savior,My Sword!He fights off the enemy giving me His grace-dying on the cross,taking my place.It was in that place of great exchange-He took all my sin and bore all my shame.He gave me His garment of snow pure white;allowing me to live and walk in His light.Where is your Sting O death,It is swallowed up in His Victory,Because Jesus gave His life on Calvary!With a great sigh and His last breath-He said,"It is Finished!"Setting us free without spot or blemish!I have been bought and paid for with such a great price, Yes my Jesus gave me His life! Carolyn L Carroll

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Standing upon the Rock

We must first be Christ centered and have our minds fixed upon Him.When we focus on Him, that's when we really begin to attain and know who we are in Christ Jesus.Relationship with Him is the key component to Spiritual growth and is essential for a total trusting and reliance upon the Lord.When we begin to know Him and what His word says about us; We begin to see and our hearts become thankful.We can too many times put our trust in things other than God;Which can only lead to heartache and despair in our lives. If we seek first God and trust in Him with all our matters; He who is faithful will begin to do a new thing in our lives.Our hearts will begin to spring forth love and joy unspeakable.It is the belief in Christ Jesus for the saving of our souls.When He gave His life in exchange for our life;He paid it in full, our debt to sin washed away.Therefore He has brought forth His Righteousness to all who believe and trust upon Him for the saving of our soul.He is the way,the truth and the life;there is no other.If you put your trust in Christ he shall not let the foot of the righteous be moved!You are now building upon the rock which is Jesus a sure foundation.If you do not know Jesus and desire to know Him just say a prayer and ask Him to be Lord and Savior over your life today.Say I give you all my trust Father and I believe Jesus paid the price for my life with His.I am washed by His blood and cleansed set apart for His Glory!I am totally relying upon you Jesus and building on Your sure foundation for the salvation of my soul.I rest in thee Jesus until thy coming.In Jesus Holy name I pray Amen!If you have said this prayer and given your life unto Jesus;You know abide in Him and He in You.Walk always in the ways of the Lord listening unto His Council for He is the truth that shall set man free!If he shall set you free,You are free indeed.