Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Guarding Your Heart In The Light Of Jesus

Every day we have one of two choices to make regarding the circumstances of life that surrounds us daily,This choice is how will we respond to the circumstance?Well quite frankly their are only two ways to respond.And one of them is the wrong way!Let us examine the two choices closer,First choice and I say first choice because this is the choice we so often want to make: A negative response.A negative response can only lead us into many deep waters.Let me clarify them,I know in my lifetime I have experienced them and you may have too.Fear,doubt,anxiety,anger,depression,and of course loss of peace.The devil is out to seek kill and destroy you with these circumstances.If you choose a negative response it can only lead you down the path of destruction and into sin.Second choice:Positive response.A positive response allows you to exercise your faith,believe,trust and abide in God, and to the keeping of your peace always praying God's perfect will be done.God's word says, only in faith can you please Him and all things work together for the good of those who love Him.God remains faithful!Let us stand on His word and promises and exercise our faith throughout every circumstance in life.We are made whole in Jesus,He already has the answers to all we will ever need!We just need to trust and abide in Him and stay on the narrow road which leads to life, Believing and trusting in Jesus Christ.Are you in a relationship with Jesus yet?If not it is not to late.Just say Lord, I want you to be the Lord over my life.Lord,I take You as my Lord and Savior and into my heart this day and I thank you Jesus for your love for me on the cross.In Jesus name I pray amen.Lord I Carolyn pray for those that just took You as Lord and Savior and into their hearts that You would bless them and keep them on the narrow road in You,In Jesus name I pray amen.

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